It’s been a year since I started this blog in anger and disgust at the dishonesty, the manipulation, the lies, the deceit. I was angry, not hateful at Mom suggested, but oh so angry at their self-righteous and so completely non-Jewish interpretation of my religion. How dare they think they can preach to others while being so ignorant and so incredibly fake?

No, I wasn’t Mr. Hateful – I never was…but I was angry and betrayed and this blog seemed like a great way to strike back at Mom’s incredible ego and selfishness, her stupidity in her interpretations of Judaism (I mean…she had someone pour hot lead on her head…sheesh).

Amazingly enough, despite all the Mom and the Aunts had done to harm my business, my name – good friends assured me they were nothing, that I was wrong to listen to worry to hesitate. Experts in the field laughed at Auntie K. and her attempts to call herself an expert. She’s being laughed at by the very people she claims to be her friends. They chat on Facebook, interact in Twitter, and then tell me what a moron she is.

Slowly, so slowly, more slowly than my colleagues anticipated…I have finally come to accept, to move on, to believe again in myself, my business, my place in my community of experts in the field. Mom can retweet all she wants – and yet she’s not recognized by anyone for anything. I am the one who gets the free software year after year in appreciation for what I do…all while Mom hits a retweet button and pretends. Slowly, I have learned – it is not just me. They see too.

It has been a wonderful year in so many ways, personally, professionally. My son finished the army – safely and blessed. He fought in a war, served on our borders and protected our land. My second son entered a combat unit as well, showing his dedication as well. While Mom has continued to wallow in herself, I suddenly realized in the last few days that I have come out of a tunnel she built and would have entombed me in forever.

It was her tunnel, her hatred, her blind selfishness and greed that started this and her destructive nature that compounded it all. She who tried to destroy by willfully and maliciously deleting my client files; she who stole my client with lies and deceit. They who attempted to ruin my business and God, in His infinite and wise ways…has shown His contempt while Mom talks about sodium and dirt.

She thought she could write a blog and attack me. She thought people would care about her endless whining, her shingles and rashes and God, how sickening it was to read her endless complaints.

And all this time, over the past year of her rants and pathetic self-absorption, as I would occasionally turn to see what she was complaining about now, I was reading a friend’s blog as she chronicled her struggle with cancer. Mom whined; my friend fought. Mom said she was brave…my friend proved it. Mom focused on herself; my friend focused on her family, her children, her country and her friends.

My friend died last week, leaving three young children to grow up without a mother…all while Mom endlessly talks about sodium and herself. But somewhere in my friend dying…a part of me was reborn.

It was the part that Mom and the Aunts tried to destroy – my love for my business, my career, my colleagues. In the last two weeks, so thankfully, my business has begun again to prosper. I’ve had four different project contacts including a new line of business that amazingly seems to pay very well and three contacts there alone!

We’ve started a new round of courses – including a brand new topic. People are coming, calling, engaging, hiring.

My son is getting married; and more good news in the family that I’m not yet ready to write about. Family visits from the States soon, and more.

All in all, what Mom and the Aunts took from me a year ago has been returned – my confidence in myself and in others.

I will trust again – because I understand the flaw was in these pathetic women and not in me. It was in their lack of decency, honesty, and the more that Aunt K claims she is an expert and the more Mom rants about herself and her endless whining…the more I am reborn, the more I join my friends at laughing and snickering at their pathetic attempts.

So Mom’s son went into the Israeli army a short time ago and my first thought was to laugh. She deems herself an expert in the army now – enough to compare the US army with the Israeli army – please. And then I really did laugh. He’s a jobnik, woman. Given some pathetic job so he can run home to mommy. A charity case of the State because they didn’t know what to do with him given his burdens at home…that’s what the State sees in Mom – a burden. Sheesh. This is not a soldier of Israel, but a babysitting position until they can send him back to mommy.

Of course, there are jobniks that do important jobs – amazingly important jobs in our army that keep the army going – that is most certainly not the case with Mom’s son. There are those who learn skills…and those who sift the rice. Those who guard our country and those who walk for 8 hours a day and go home so that the country can dismiss him without completely ignoring him.

From what she describes, her son’s army service is about akin to her suffering – and the Aunt’s real abilities -all blown up to impress, to lie, to deceive. No wonder she’s so enamored with her knowledge of the American army…she knows nothing of the Israeli army and the challenges it faces every day.

And yet, for the first time in a year, I can laugh at her stupidity and I can focus back on the good, the just, the real world.

One of the stars of social media has agreed to be a keynote speaker at our upcoming conference next year…

Three huge projects with one client…and promises of more.

A full-time job for one writer for a month…

A full-time job, long-term for another…

An interesting part-time project with another client…

A full-time job for one of our students for another…

A son getting married…

Another surprise around the corner…

Two meetings with two potential new clients next week…and one tomorrow morning as well!

And a reminder that life is good, that God cares and rewards us with what we deserve – for the good…and for the bad. It’s been a year since I started this blog. Where I am now is so much closer to who I was before I had the great misfortune of having met Mom and the Aunts and learned their true nature.

I don’t know if I’ll continue this blog or not. I guess it depends on whether Mom dares write about anything other than her sodium level. But it seemed fitting to come back here, one week after my brave friend passed away to the world to come. Her sickness was not, I believe a punishment of God, but a challenge. She taught others, graced us with so much. Over a thousand people came to her funeral, dozens blogged in her memory.

Perhaps that is the worth of a person – when all is said and done – do they remember the bravery or the sodium? The sacrifices and courage or the shingles?


A year is closing – it was a year of birth. The birth of a being conceived by a sick person – sick in mind, body and soul. Too much of my last year was wasted on wondering why these twisted minds wasted so much of their time trying to copy and steal, rather than create and birth. It was a hard year financially but thankfully it has ended with wonderful news, certification of our main course and interest in our others.

The conference we began years ago has been established. Record numbers attended last year and even more are expected this year. Again and again, people tell me that I never should have worried; that people see these women for what they are. Oh, they succeed in fooling those who do not know better, but the experts in the field laugh and scorn at them. I am no longer alone in wondering or feeling their betrayal and filth.

And through the darkness of the anger that was inside me, I have come through unscathed and content. Mom labeled me Mr. Hateful – but she was so wrong. I am in love with the life I have built and have the greatest satisfaction of all in knowing that I have not built it by being dishonest, by cheating and stealing from others. I didn’t steal my company name, my company’s various offerings, the very curriculum I teach…all came from my own experiences, my knowledge and the workings of those who have been and remain faithful to my company and to me. My sons are precious and not perverted; they are strong in body and faith. My youngest son has started learning away from home…and brings me flowers when he returns. It is an act of love that reminds me that my life is filled with precious and wonderful blessings.

I am in awe of God and His wisdom and if perhaps my greatest failure this past year was in not having enough faith in Him. I have learned this past year, that God blesses those who deserve to be blessed and curse those who have earned it. Mom has, apparently, thrown in the towel…or so she says she wants to. She says she can’t take the stress and yet, one has to wonder, to believe, this was all of her own making. She’s given up her contracts, she writes…that’s right – the contracts she may have earned, but definitely the contracts she obtained by deceit as well.

I believe, with complete faith, that you do not profit from dishonesty – you pay in this world and likely in the world to come.

I was studying with some dear friends of mine these past few weeks one evening a week after work. We began this wonderful book on the attributes of God and man’s attempts to become as close as possible to the image and actions of God. Each week, we cover a few pages. The discussions are wonderful. This week, as we approached Yom Kippur, we discussed God’s ability to forgive our iniquities, our sins and part of the discussion was on the concept that when you do something good, in effect, you create a good angel and when you do something bad, conversely, you create a bad angel.

The bad angel remains as testimony to your sin, until you either repent, are punished, or die. The next few sections explain that as God forgives, so too must we. By holding on to the anger, we essentially are trapped by the bad angel ourselves. We build our own failures. We poison ourselves.

Mr. Hateful was initially planted inside of me by a hate-filled woman and her partners in greed. The funny part was that as I got to know Mr. Hateful, I realized “he” wasn’t me, he didn’t belong in me. There was anger and bitterness at what was done to my company and to me, but the longer Mom whines on her blog about how she is endlessly suffering and the more she demands we label her brave and recognize her great suffering…the more I realize that Mr. Hateful never really belonged to me.

And so, I give him back to you, Mom – from whom he was born, and in whom he obviously will feel at home. I have never been filled with hatred. Anger, yes – even some bitterness, but as this year ends, I have so much to be grateful for – my husband (yeah, she didn’t even get that right); my sons and daughters, my friends and clients and my business.

I can only hope this coming year will be as blessed as the last few months indicate. I may come back and post here once in a while, but mostly, I have to laugh and smile. My book is going into its second printing either next week or the week after. A friend has gotten me involved in a huge multi-million dollar idea that I hope will prosper and provide employment and a livelihood for so many people. My third book is almost done (and yeah, I have to find time to finish it); two other authors have contracted with our printing company and we’re going to press in the next few months with them and hope to actually launch our second printing company with a completely different line of books including another series that I am jointly co-authoring with a friend.

For years I have worked with one company that told me last week they acquired a small US company and need me to redo their documentation; for years I have worked with one client who has now recommended me to another and now both are asking for projects in the next few weeks that will bring in thousands of dollars.

My family is growing; my children blessed with health and faith…the right faith.

No, Mr. Hateful was never mine. Perhaps, when Mom and the Aunts learn decency…perhaps the stress of maintaining the falsehoods will stop.

Tomorrow brings to us our day of judgement, our Yom Kippur. I cannot remember the last time I felt this calm before the holiday. For years, longer than I can remember, I have worried, felt stressed and concerned – the weather, drinking, whatever. I’m tired – but it is a good tired. I’m optimistic – and it is good.

We had a great meeting with the Ministry of Tourism; the Ministry of Industry, Labor and Trade has recognized our course. Life is a blessing – each and every day of it. It’s time to remember that God has blessed our lives with so much – let the creatures of darkness and hatred wallow and whine.

May this year be a year of soaring to new heights. May the nation of Israel – the true and real people of this land – be blessed with life and health and prosperity and let those who would steal reap the rewards of their actions…in this life and in the next.

Turns out, Lupus doesn’t make you mean, nasty, dishonest…

Turns out, you can’t blame the disease after all. One of the people in our current technical writing class called me up a little while ago. She explained that recent discussions of moving the class to a twice a week schedule would be too difficult for health reasons and then explained that she has Lupus and has to watch not to overstress herself.

She eats regular food – no great obsession there; no whining, no constant talk of pain and certainly she’s never tried to make us feel she is so so brave. No – she’s just a really nice person so I guess Lupus doesn’t make you mean.

Oh, and she’s honest too. We made an accounting mistake…she came and corrected us – and paid the additional 500 shekels we’d mistakenly thought she’s already paid. See, so it seems Lupus doesn’t make you dishonest eight…who would have known?

You can actually be sick with Lupus and still be a really nice person. What a wonderful thing to learn!

I was driving home from a client tonight thinking about the last few days. We had a great holiday with our kids and guests. It was such a joy to have them all gathered around. My oldest son went to his yeshiva to learn; my middle son was home from the army. Even my 10-year-old stayed up until 1:30 a.m. to learn a bit at organized events in the neighborhood.

The food was great – several types of quiches, several types of cheese cake, two types of fish, lasagna…I better quit while I’m ahead or I’ll start sounding like Mom and her food obsessiveness.

Anyway, I was driving home thinking about the house – we’d decorated it with greenery – a beautiful minchag [custom] we inherited from my husband’s family. My husband bought me beautiful roses; our guest came with even more flowers…and I guess if I was Mom, I’d go find some stupid looking photo of a flower – part of her Blogging 101 course where they must have forgotten to teach her that content is king.

So, I was driving home and I thought of something – actually I passed a Toyota – Dad gets a similar car as part of his work benefits and I remembered the time they drove their previous car to our house so that my husband could fix it for them for free – ain’t gratitude grand? They got a fixed car; we got screwed by Mom…sounds fair, right?

After the Toyota, I thought about some of the people who have worked for me in the past and those that are working for me now. I didn’t have a contract with Mom – that was my mistake in thinking her a decent and honorable person. I’ve done this before – I had one writer working for years without a contract and when he left, he did it with honor and respect…and imagine – he didn’t delete 80 GB, steal a client or two, bad mouth me and lie his pants of every thing. What a concept.

And that’s when I realized that those who are honest…will be honest and expect honesty. I treated Mom with respect; paid her more than a fair wage (though of course she kept thinking she was worth so much more…like anyone would have paid her with all her “issues” and time requirements.

But what you learn in life is that how we often see others is a reflection of what we see in ourselves. And Mom named me Mr. Hateful – a name she has ceased to use on her blog (now she says things like “certain people” – isn’t she so clever?). It truly does reflect her – she is a bitter woman, divorced in a previous life, miserable childhood and bad relationship with her mother, quest in and out of religions and beliefs until she settled on one she feels she can preach to others.

I guess the thing about reflections is that they turn on us and poison us – isn’t that right, Mom?

The other thing is that I visited my friend’s blog again – it’s been a while…I’ve been overwhelmed with work and family stuff…and finally caught up. She writes so amazingly well, of her family, of her faith, of her determination to fight this horrible disease she has. This year, she gave in to her body and didn’t stay up all night for Shavout; this year, she didn’t walk the long walk to the Western Wall – but she wrote of her love of learning, her relationship with her children. She is an inspiration to all who know her…and occasionally, she is sad and depressed – and yet, unlike Mom, she doesn’t whine and preach. She’s tired all the time…and yet her tone is so strong.

Mom – take a look at yourself, look in the mirror if you dare. It seems to me you’ve screwed up the vast majority of the relatiionships you’ve had in your life – your mother, your sisters, certainly we were friends before you took a dive off the deep end – perhaps with your petty digs in the blog….you were right to label your imagined enemy Mr. Hateful…you just missed the point that Mr. Hateful is indeed alive and well…in you.

That is the poison lead won’t release; whatever other voodoo, witchcraft of pagan rituals you “celebrate” – what you keep failing to do is figure out the real flaw, the real evil…can be found in how you behave…all the loshen hara you run to tell others, prettily disguised to get pity. What you seem to forget is that there is One you cannot fool. One who sees and understands.

May the God of Israel…bless the true sons and daugthers of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob in this world and in the world to come.

A weak person is someone who is easily manipulated to whatever others think. A weak person is someone who can’t think for themselves and must rely on others to tell them what to do…constantly seeking the approval of others. Mom is about the weakest person I have ever met.

She was weak in her first marriage; weak in her original beliefs, which led her to new ones…weak in those, which led her again to new ones until she finally ended up as a pseudo-haredi woman living in Jerusalem playing at being righteous so all the world can deem her worthy.

Her latest blog post shows how easily she has to justify the stupidity of her actions…like the lead pouring. I checked with a noted rabbi after I read that blog post. He had a good laugh, that’s all I can say.

Mom asks the question, “why would I want to believe” and in that she shows her greatest weakness. The world is not about what you want to believe, it is about facts that exist. We can accept God as a fact, or say that we believe He exists. No, I don’t believe God exists – I KNOW God exists and I have seen His hand in so many every day events here in Israel and throughout my life.

Perhaps more than ever before in the last few years, I have come to understand that God has a plan and it is for us to follow or not. There are those who accept; and those who play at accepting. We have laws and rituals that enable us to be a better person – Mom pretty much ignores whatever she wants of those while making sure the world knows that when she comes out of the bathroom, she says a prayer. Well, bully for her…now try some of the others.

Mom’s path to get where she is was a long and conflicting one. Many of the laws she follows now go against practices she did during other parts of her life – heck, most of her life is a contradiction, a constant search. And she’s now found an alleyway in Meah Shearim as her latest path.

I don’t really care about Mom’s journey…I stopped around the time I realized what she had deliberately done to my company and the ongoing harrassment and loshen hara (evil talk) she was spreading to my friends and clients. Hard to care when someone is deliberately trying to destroy your business…no matter how sick they are (physically or mentally).

And while I no longer care about Mom’s journey and was particularly amused by Dad calling me up and thinking he could appeal to me (after ignoring all the attempts I made to talk to him), I am thrilled to see that I’ve come out of this horrendous experience of knowing her with a healthy sense of disgust and a healthier sense of amusement at how easily this woman has to justify these insane ideas she comes up with.

Judaism is NOT, despite what this woman would tell you, about voodoo nonsense and often people will tell you to go ahead with absurd attempts when they figure there’s no other action that can be taken or no alternatives.

Basically, people will say anything to Mom because they have nothing else to say to her…and she’ll continue to ramble on and on because she has to convince herself…she sure as hell isn’t going to convince anyone else…though I have to admit – if she’s pouring lead on her head, she’s hit pretty low.

No – pouring lead doesn’t clean out your emotional channels…and not your physical ones either. There are spiritual rebirths in Judaism, defining moments in which you communicate perhaps on a deeper level with God. When my son was in the Gaza War just over a year ago – right about the time Mom and the Aunts were planning and laying the groundwork for their betrayal – I learned a depth of faith and fear I had never experienced before; and a level of gratitude when he came home safe.

Our God is a loving God and you don’t get around His decrees by pouring lead but by deep introspection and real actions to repair your inner soul. God is a God of compassion who grants forgiveness and health and blessings…and if you aren’t getting that…instead of putting a towel over your head and pouring lead into a pan…figure out what message God is sending you.

I have a very sick friend…she doesn’t whine like Mom does; she doesn’t complain. She writes of such faith and healing. Unlike Mom, she may never live to see her grandchildren…and yet, she is a source of hope and inspiration and love to all those who know her…unlike Mom…whose endless weakness becomes so endlessly boring.

Years ago, a strange man from California began reading my articles in various sites and began to write to me. Over time, the font he used often became larger, bolder…his message angrier, more obscene and threatening. I had responded once or twice, in the early days, until I realized his was a hatred beyond normal. I chose to ignore him.

In one email, he threatened my children, my life and I consulted local police, the FBI and the InterPol. Eventually, the threats were deemed credible enough to get his name on the Arrivals Watch list here in Israel. If he chose to arrive, he’d be deported instantly. It was the best that I could do and I learned to live with his hatred, his depravity, his evil intentions and actions.

One time, he sent me a letter predicting…no, assuring me…of my imminent death – no later…than the Spring, 2003. He’d gone to a voodoo lady, a Haitian priestess, he assured me, who had stuck pins in a doll and made her prediction. I laughed it off. Ours is not a religion of witchcraft and voodoo. Friends were more concerned and told me to go to a rabbi. I didn’t really listen until one close friend begged me to go.

I called my rabbi. I told him the story. He listened and then said, “lies, lies, and more lies.”

I smiled – as I’d suspected. “So I don’t have to do anything?” I asked.

“No,” he said with disdain and as I was about to thank him and apologize for bothering him, he spoke again, “Yes.”

“Yes?” I asked.

“Yes. You should go to the synagogue and hear the blessing of the Cohanim.” The Cohanim were the high priests of Israel. Aaron was the first Cohen HaGadol, the chief priest of our people. Today, there are many Cohanim. Outside of Israel, they bless the congregation a few times a year. In Israel, it is done on a regular basis – each prayer gathering.

“Speak to Aaron and his sons, saying: This is how you shall bless the children of Israel… (Numbers 6:23)

Since that happened several years ago, I have always loved the blessing of the Cohanim and go out of my way to hear it as often as possible.

The words are very simple and yet carry a wealth of meaning:

‘May G‑d bless you and guard you.
‘May G‑d shine His countenance upon you and be gracious to you.
‘May G‑d turn His countenance toward you and grant you peace.'” (Numbers 6:24-26)

In this is all the blessing we need. So why write this…on a blog such as this one, born of one woman’s twisted ramblings of hatred and self-justification?

Mom’s lost another marble.

This time, she has gone deep into the depths of Jerusalem, she thinks (and that also tells how off track she is)…no, not to the Kotel, the Western Wall…the last remaining wall (actually “only” a retaining wall) of our Holy Temple…all that we have left…no, she’s gone to Mea  Shearim…a small, twisted alleyway neighborhood of Ultra Orthodox Jews. Many there are against the State of Israel; few…very few…serve in the army, though they’ll ride Israel’s buses, use our health care system (as Mom does), and often take what they can.

Some serve – in honorable organizations such as Yad Sarah, Ezer Mizion, ZAKA, and too many there spend their lives judging others by how they dress, what they eat…what school they attend, where their parents come from. It is a difficult and closed community…

…and Mom just has to tell us about her adventures there. She went to have boiling lead poured into a pan on top of her head to…deep breath…to remove the evil eye.

The evil eye…well, I’ll let you read Mom’s post…

I read it and thought back to my rabbi, “lies, lies and more lies.” This is not our religion but some witchcraft nonsense. The root of our religion is not in pouring boiling lead into a pan…how pagan…how wrong.

If there is evil in your body, enough to block your kidneys physically, remove the evil. Twittle dumb and twittle dumber. Sheesh.

I believe that our mental condition has a vast impact on our well being. I believe that if we are positive and hopeful, we will be healthier than if we are negative and pessimistic.

I believe if we do evil…we are punished and pouring lead is just stupid unless you are doing it to MAKE a pan.

Who comes up with this stuff?

Today was Jerusalem Day – a day we celebrate the reunification of our beautiful capital, Jerusalem. I drove home from a client today and thought what amazing blessings we have to live in this country and this city.

Our greatest blessing, I believe, is our children and in that, I am so blessed. You can see God’s greatest gifts in your children…when they follow in the right path…the path our people have followed for thousands of years. You can see the blessings in having health.

My sons stand guard – born into this religion. Fine, proud, strong  Jews that bring pride to their families and their heritage. There is no corruption, no deviant behavior in my sons.  They celebrate, they defend, they stand for this country.

There are so many in this land who try to avoid this service in some misguided abuse of our religion; others who abuse the system and come here pretending to be Jews in order to gain the benefits of this land. Today, from all over the country, people came to this beautiful city to show their love.

There are those who serve this land…and those who don’t. There are those who pay their taxes…and those who do all they can to cheat and avoid it…they do little things…like claim rights they don’t have…they do big things to cheat…like hide whole apartments so they don’t have to pay the arnona (dwelling tax based on meters).

What I have learned over time is that there are rewards for following the rules; and punishment for breaking them. Sometimes, God doles out this punishment in this lifetime…sometimes it is in the world to come.

You can’t hurt someone and then claim to be righteous and all is well with the world. You can claim your innocence to all who will listen…you can even fill blog posts and blog posts with how good, how righteous, how whatever you are…it doesn’t change the blackness in your soul, the evil of your actions.

The wonderful, special thing about Judaism is that it is a religion based on forgiveness. To the point that if you are sincere in regretting what you have done and you ask for forgiveness…it is the obligation of a righteous person to forgive you. You have to ask…and ask again…but at some point, your sin becomes absolved and the sin is transferred to the person who is not willing to forgive.

This lesson we learn from God. We have the nerve, each year, to go and plead our case, to beg forgiveness and we are told that forgiveness is not ours – between God and man…until we right the wrongs we have created. All Mom’s prayers and professed righteousness may well mean nothing because she simply does not understand this basic fact.

It isn’t the words you say…but the words you feel.

Judaism is filled with wonderful stories…if we would but listen to them…of the purity of people’s prayers…of the congregation who is waiting to pray on Yom Kippur, our holiest day…and of the little boy who comes in the back of the room and plays the flute…something not allowed on this holy day. People are horrified…and yet the lesson there was that the purity of the boy’s prayer…in the form of the flute playing…was worth more in the heavenly courts than all those in the room.

Jerusalem is the holiest city in the world, so beautiful, so special. You can live here – that doesn’t make you holy. It is when Jerusalem is in your heart and soul, that its true meaning reaches the depths of who you are.

Mom just doesn’t get that…she’ll mouth the words, but the true holiness is lost in her need to convince the world…when it is God that must be convinced.

May the city of Jerusalem, our eternal capital, be blessed from the enemies outside and the enemies within, from the impostors among us, the vain, the selfish. May they be cursed in this life and in the next. May God judge them harshly for their falsehoods and treachery.

And may the true lovers of Zion be granted eternal peace…in this life and the next.

Sometimes it’s hard to play the role others give you when you really want to just play your own. Maybe I shouldn’t post here – as Mr. Hateful, when my heart is full and happy and I even find myself pitying pathetic Mom who’s back to her preaching…this time with a Star Trek theme, no less (probably violated copyright laws for the picture she posted…but who cares).

The thing is…it’s a beautiful day and I am blessed with amazing kids, a company that is thankfully thriving despite all that Mom tried to do, and such an amazing country to live in.

I love Israel – it was my dream to come here, to live here. The funny thing is that when my son went into the army, I learned that I had so much in common with other parents all over the world whose sons are serving. It is a unique and amazing family that transcends borders.

When my son was at war…I got such words of comfort from mothers and fathers whose sons were in Iraq and Afghanistan. And what meant the most to me was that they weren’t asking me to swear allegience to the United States. They accepted that I love my country as they love theirs.

I guess that’s what I find interesting about Mom’s latest post. She lives in Israel – it is Israel footing her massive medical bills, taking care of her with the doctor team she so respects…and yet it is the American national anthem that brings tears to her eyes.

How ungrateful she is to the nation stuck paying her bills…how wrong to ignore our fine soldiers while she panders to her American audience (or her perceived American audience more likely). But isn’t that typical of an ingrate…to dream and thank others and ignore the very people who are stuck taking care of her?

In all these months of her blabbing endlessly about her pains, her shingles, her rashes, for Heavens sake…nothing of the State that pays her bills and supports her existence. No thanks to Israel – the State. Oh, she’s into her spiritual trip but it is our soldiers…our sons who guard these borders while she tears up over her American roots.

Don’t get me wrong. I think America is a great country – but long ago, I was honest enough to admit it wasn’t my country. It wasn’t where I wanted to raise my children and someday watch my grandchildren grow.

But, I guess Mom stays true to form….she betrayed her employer after 4 years of our putting up with her endless allergies and complaints, our redecorating the office to meet her health needs, everything…and we got stabbed for it…so why wouldn’t the same selfish person do the same thing when it comes to the country in which she lives.

I never could stand hypocrites and ingrates.

And with that, I will tell you that today was a good day spent building networks and expanding our business. We have placed another writer…and this time, I was smart enough to have her sign a contract with a clause. I call it the Mom Clause which specifies a specific shekel amount if this writer would do what Mom did.

But really, I’m not worried. This writer is honest, pious…and decent. She’s ethical…and she’s grateful. All these things and more…Mom is not.

Doesn’t she ever get tired of telling us how tired she is?

It’s been a crazy month for us – our new Director of Training is doing really well. We’ve launched new classes and scheduled a full range of exciting other courses. We’ve got Web Development, Web Design, Translation, Technical Writing, and Microsoft Access. I hope people will sign up…that’s the next big push but it’s exciting and fun and time-consuming. Life is full…the kids doing well, thank God.

Mom’s life is full…of Mom.

She’s tired; she’s sleeping; she’s in bed. She’s this…she’s that.

Honestly, when she isn’t whining, she’s preaching. Be a good person…yeah, we saw how good you are – God Almighty, is there a special place in the world to come for hypocrites?

Reminds me of Foursquare – Mom would be the Mayor of Hypocrites-Ville, that’s for sure – and the aunts and Dad would clearly be her Deputy Mayors.

She didn’t fight with her mom – bully for her.

Her sisters are sick…not sick…almost sick…more sick than her – bully for them.

Whine…whine…preach…preach. Seriously – does she really think anyone cares? Sheesh.

Maybe I should look up resources for the basic concept of blogging and send it to Mom.

Rule #1: It ain’t about YOU.

Yeah, yeah, I’m Mr. Hateful…and then she complains about my writing hateful things. Well, you named me, babe. You created this persona you wanted to use to spread loshen hara (bad mouthing someone) and now when I turned it around and created a blog to help promote and allow that persona to answer back…yup, you guessed it…whine, whine, preach, preach.

Why does someone have a blog?

It’s something Mom clearly doesn’t understand. It’s the “in” thing to have one…so Mom sets one up…and then quickly shows she doesn’t have a clue. Mom’s first blogging experience was for our staff blog. She didn’t really get it then either. She wanted to tell stories about what interested her…all about her. With editing and review, she got a bit better…but once she left, interesting things happened.

One of the clients she took from us – kept sending work to her old email address – that’s how we first learned about her deceit. I opened it up and edited the first 15 pages of the document, astounded to see how careless Mom had been, how many grammar, spelling, and just basic editing mistakes she’d made.

The company had come to me personally to do the work and was very upset with me that I was “passing it on” to one of my writers. I wanted to boost Mom’s hourly count for the month and so I gave her the work…yeah, ain’t she a loyal one.

So, having walked out our door, only to start working with the client on her own…I thought, let me see. After all, they did send it to my company. What a disaster. I sent it to the company so they could see what a poor job she was doing.

I honestly don’t think the purpose of a blog is to tell the world details of your latest blood count, where and how many rashes you have and the state of your shingles. Of course, there are those who successfully use a blog to stay in contact with friends and family abroad, but then the writing style reflects that intimacy. This is where Mom fails…falls flat on her ass (again and again).

No, the world doesn’t care how brave YOU say you are. Bravery is an act you show, not declare. There are brave people fighting serious illnesses every day and their bravery is in how they fight (not cheat) and how they encourage others. These brave people don’t spend endless posts about their blood counts…sheesh.

No, the world doesn’t care about your whining – it is about surviving despite your pain that counts. And they don’t care that your mother and your sister and your dog and the painter down the block have problems.

The noble blogs are those by those who manage despite, not advertise to gain attention. Mom’s willing to take paid advertising on her blog (yeah, I’m sure they’re lining up for that one). Come…advertise here and watch me snivel.

The thing that gets me time after time is the fact that even now, Mom just doesn’t get it – life is about doing…and doing right. Not the endless boasting she does…the exaggerations and lies are so obvious and yet she’s dumb enough to believe them.

I believe in this world and in the next, there is justice. Not all illnesses are divine punishments – I know some amazingly special people who are very sick and yet rise above their illness to accomplish so much…but yeah, I do believe some illnesses are a message from God…in fact, all illnesses are a message from God…but some are to learn from…and some are indeed to punish.

To be truly righteous…it comes from inside your heart and soul. It isn’t about how much you tell people or the prayers you make sure everyone knows you are saying.

Years ago, I went to Poland, to visit the concentration camps, the synagogues, the graveyards. Place after place, they took us to the graves of some of the greatest rabbis…and each time, I took a candle and quietly walked off and found the saddest, loneliest, quietest grave and there I lit my candle and said a prayer. Sometimes the true heroes are the modest ones who go about their lives and share their holiness, their faith, their devotion…and sometimes there are truly evil people who pretend to be “tzadikim” – righteous ones.

Nobility, bravery, honor and justice are concepts completely foreign to Mom. There is no nobility in theft and blackmail. There is no honor in deceit and lies and bad mouthing others. What friends have told me is that my reputation stands, my company stands…the rest is a joke. No one takes her seriously, no one listens…this they tell me and this has finally begun to sink in. I have spent 15 years building a reputation based on service, loyalty and ethics. This stands.

And finally, there is no justice in betrayal…but there is justice after betrayal…in this world AND in the next one.

The purpose of a blog is to inform…to reach out and touch people (not make them cringe at the descriptive text about your bodily functions).

I have several successful blogs going, some more than 3 years and running. I am amazed by the love and comments I receive on a regular basis. And unlike Mom’s blog, I don’t have to leave my own comments to pretend that I’m getting some attention.



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